Wednesday, October 3, 2012

B & V & B (Books, & Venison, & Beads)

I'm still in rehabilitation from hard-working guide season. Now it's a life with Beer, Pizza, Wings, Popcorn, McDonald's (if not Arby's), that's for day-time, then I move into Wine, Imported Cheese, Cocktail Shrimp, Fried Chicken Breasts for dinner, finally finish myself with bottles of Canadian Whiskey. Flipping 115 DISH channels if not NetFlex.......... Repeat that next day.......................

THESE ARE ALL "JKs" (just kidding-s)!! What a disgusting life it may be!! But it's true I'm not fishing right now. There are personal & practical reasons. Personally October has been the longest month of year all through my life. This is when all the fatigue come out and work on my body, which is also adjusting for cooler seasons. More personally I've been experiencing "turning-points" of the year or my life in every October....... Then practically it's not really "fall" for "fall fishing" yet!!  Well, there should be someone out there catching some large trout with streamers but I know better. I don't think brown trout haven't begun "running" (except for certain rivers. Don't make me name them!). BWO hatch will be better as the month goes by (although Lamar, Soda Butte, & Slough should be fishing well with BWO right now. Very tempting!! Check with Parks' Fly Shop!!).

Then today we had snow for the first time for this coming fall/winter. According my friends in Gardiner and Bozeman, they didn't have. Sounded like just in Livingston with 15 to 20 miles radius of surrounding area, which are usually dryer than the other.

Calm overcast day......pitch streamers!!.............Relax & wait. Month goes slow (at least for me).

Truth is I'm doing what I couldn't do during summer. First, stretch my body (true rehab!!) and re-train for later fall (I'm more like Peanuts, Spinach, & Diet Coke). Then some other "businesses", which I may announce here soon.
Then BOOKS!! I just ordered at AMAZON.COM. Good books give me more virtual images than movies or dramas on TV. Imaginations are really important to design new fly patterns too! I'm not intending to read this quickly! This is for all winter.

Then my friend CJ (wildlife biologist & savvy hunter) got me the first harvest of the year!! I didn't take pics this summer but my Montana-harvested deer-meat lunch (do I need to make a list of "today's special" soon?) was very popular among clients. I do eat these myself but I'm already thinking about menus and recipes.

I'm not completely away from fly-fishing or flies. These are new "beads" nymphs for this late fall. Some of you might recognize these look familiar already, indeed these are some new touches of previously success flies!! Always learning, observing, and experimenting!!

Books and venison are secured in my house and my other "businesses" are completed. So I may resume fishing whenever. But then again, WAIT! RELAX! Fall is short but October is LONG!!

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