Sunday, November 18, 2012

Easter for Trout?

NEWS!!: My first ever angling article is posted at Fly Anglers OnLine (!! It's under "Readers Cast" and about BWO experience at DePuy's ( Some of you blog readers might remember pictures and have browsed stories before but this is a 4-piece in-depth article from my daily journal entries about BWO hatch and my fishing (including Waterloo, which I didn't mention here!!). Also my original fly patterns will be posted at FOTW (Fly Of The Week) one by one. So keep checking FAOL!!

Today's weather was a mix of everything but nothing was extreme. So over all it was OK. I checked in DePuy's just before 1pm. But I didn't see any midge/BWO hatches and corresponding rising trout as winds were blowing from several different direction (not really strong though).
As I parked my truck, I was excited to see HIM!!!! More COYOTE!! More PT nymphs!! More Mr. O-O!! Gimme your feathers!!!!!! He was running away.....

So I started nymphing experiments. It was a good start and I hooked a couple of trout quickly but they were gone by crushing my "Mummy Snail" like this.

Then it seemed "trout calender" was set for Easter today. They were feasting on eggs. This is the sample of 11-inch brown trout! As I was pumping, he also throwing up a few more besides these... I would imagine another big wave of fall-run brown trout might have come in to the creek and been spawning.

No explanation needed for this fly..........

 Whatsoever, this was actually really BIG!!

My brandnew "Mummy Snail" did work too!!

I'm getting more trust, faith, and confidence in this fly!!

L.L. Beads worked well too.

This worked fine just as I expected. This is a Tri-color version!! (Watch a tying video for L.L.)

This fish was a bit too big for one hand to hold for camera. He was gone. After this I caught more but I stopped taking pictures.

November seems running faster than October!! Let me see how many more day I will visit DePuy's this month!!


  1. A lot of fine fly tying feathers walking in the first picture. Lovely Browns!
    Have fun "snailing",
    Mats Olsson

    1. Mats,
      Yeah, he (bird) was lovely! (probably tasty too.....)
      I'm mastering fine art of snailing too!

  2. Interesting snail pattern and great looking trout .... well done.

    1. Doug,
      I just wanted to imitate color, shape, & size of snail at DePuy's. It's working beyond my expectation. I'll do a video soon. Do you have other snail patterns?

  3. Satoshi - I have never tied a snail pattern and don't know of any snail patterns out there.... But I have snails here in my home spring creek.... I my have to give them a try... Looking forward to the video, Doug.

    1. OK! I have this snail pattern in my video list. I think this fly already proved itself at DePuy's. Showing this is embarrassing but fishing this is incredible!

  4. If the fly catches fish it looks beautiful to me.....

    1. Yes, it's killing! Let me grab a few materials next week and I'd like to shoot a video for this lovely snail soon!