Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tying Video!!

UPDATED 11/11/12
I have just posted another video at YouTube. Rather making a blog post each time, I figured it's easier to make a PAGE and update there. Now PAGES are below the title picture to get more attention from readers. My camera adjustment is getting better every time!! I may have to re-shoot early ones but let me see where it goes............

Well, I've been thinking about doing some tying videos but never really happened. I knew I always carry a tripod in my truck and lunch tables for guided trips. So I could have done something before.  But mostly lack of motivation............But since I just registered my little fly-shop (, not just to promote my flies and sales, but I really felt responsible to do something for my own sake and for my flies' sake. Tying for public in front of camera (though I have no audience in my house!!) is a little different taste. I can't screw up and I can't be shakey!!

I'm getting several tying orders, including COYOTE. As I tied several dozens this morning, I was finally motivated to do videos. I had to play and adjust my camera and tripod. So pardon some blurs here and there, but here it is, please click on YouTube Link!!
(I didn't link or share as it's too heavy to upload).
(this is just a picture so don't click!!)
I already shot two more original patterns of mine!! My tying and talks seem smoother as I do more!?
I'd like to hear your comments!!

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