Monday, February 18, 2013

Afternoon at Armstrong's

NEWS: Some of you readers might have wondered why I suddenly attached Regal Vise banner. People who know me through Facebook (or in person) have already heard last night. I have just been inducted as a Pro Staff with Regal Vise!!! Go to their website (or just click the banner) and click "Pro Staff". I'm there along with other big-name tyers!! I really feel responsible for the title and position as a Pro Staff. I will keep producing innovative patterns and catch more trout!! Then, just as I write under the banner, "I go to the grave" with my beloved Regal Vise. It's that tough. Indeed it's been my life-long friend at my tying bench since the day I acquired.
It turned out to be a very nice winter day. It wasn't too dry or too warm. It was sunny but air temp was chilly. Then NO WIND!! In the afternoon, I visited Armstrong Spring Creek in O'Hair Ranch ( Basically it's up-stream of DePuy's ( I started from the border = lower end of Armstrong's = upper end of DePuy's. I fished up-stream with Shotgun-Nymphing. This is what I call "Lower Riffle". See where I parked my truck.

Between Armstrong's and DePuy's, some are common and others aren't. Whole discussion will be several-thousands-words-long so it has to be on other occasion (we might chat if I guide you either one of creeks).
The first trout was a typical Armstrong's 'Bow!! What do I mean by "typical"? It's just can be coloration, number of spots, the way it fights, shape, weight, etc........... You will understand if you fish enough and catch many trout at both Armstrong's and DePuy's.

I built a new kick-seine!! (I forgot to take pictures...). Today's special was Midge Larva, period!!

HOTTEST Fly of the day was my own L.L. Beads - size 20 or 22 RED.

Lost a couple of them...........

 Then I caught "typical" Armstrong's Brown!!

This was on SCEGG. Indeed flies and tactics I developed from my experience at DePuy's just work well at Armstrong's too!!

It was getting dark and I was about to reach a section where I wanted to end the day.Very last one was this beautiful and vivid Cut-Bow on L.L. size 20!!
It just combined the best colors of 'Bow and Cutty, don't you think!!??

Sun was setting down in the west. Another Montana winter day was ending........

I just picked a day, which turned out to be wonderful. I can't emphasize how lucky I was. Also I experienced another great fishing at Armstrong's. As a guide in Paradise Valley, I'm often asked "Which should I choose, Armstrong's or DePuy's?". My answer is "FISH BOTH!!"

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