Thursday, April 18, 2013

Back to "B" River

April 15th, winter weather continued. For the last full-day fishing of John & Mike, we had to give up floating Yellowstone River. Due to cold weather, water of Yellowstone River became clear but apparently water temperature went down. Even if we had no accidents of floating, it would have been very rough to be on the boat.....

So we decided to fish "B" River again! We drove along and planned loosely where we would fish. Since it was so cold, we first stopped by Natural Bridge for sightseeing. Probably not much explanation needed for this true natural beauty.
It's been a while that I came this way. I don't know any scientific terms but I'm sure air is different here, so clean and crisp. This is what Japanese call "Forest Bathing" (kind of aromatherapy). I breathed deeply and felt my body was relaxing.

Just around noon, we finally dressed up and stepped into West Fork of "B". (these three pictures are courtesy of Mike).

I completed my guide duty at DePuy's ( so we went separate ways. What I mean is fishing methods. I stuck with my trusted nymphing methods while John & Mike applied "Woolly-ing". Considering size of river, filled with lots of boulders, Stonefly Nymphs must be main dishes for trout in this drainage. I rigged up the trusted Minch Stone - Parks' Fly Shop house recipe!!

Nice size for West Fork.

Quickly pumped him. Hmmmmmm, midge larvae. Trout here have never seen Minch Stone so they were taking my offerings with delight!!
To coincide, I found this "spring stonefly" (could be Skwala or similar kind).
This size and color really looked like Skwala, don't you think?

I reached the confluence of West Fork and Main!!

Starting with Whitie!

Then I started to experience some of BEST "Rainbow" days in my fishing life, filled with several beautiful, strong, and large 'Bows!!
Isn't this really a Steelhead? The BEST of the day!!
 Slightly shakey? One more time!!
Next one!!
Another one with Minch Stone in its mouth!
All were healthy and in great condition.

We ended up staying late...... Here's Mike working down-stream. By then I was "Woolly-ing" too.

"B" River and its tributaries are such nice and secluded waters. I should have get out more over here.

Next day John and Mike departed for their normal lives. I had great time fishing with friends. I completed my multi-duty: fellow angler, guide, and a host. I enjoyed cooking breakfast for everyone and preparing a perfect lunch at DePuy's. As of this typing, there are some more fresh snow on the ground. I think they were able to experience the very last piece of spring fishing. Also I hope they enjoyed what Livingston and people there can offer other than fishing. This applies not only to my friends but also to everyone who visits Livingston as "Fly-Fishing Central Destination"!!

I will see you along waters!!

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