Thursday, April 25, 2013

Caddis Premonition...........

It looks like spring decided to come out from hibernation again. At the same time, annual guide gathering Simms ICE OUT is held at Simms brandnew facility in Bozeman. I paid a visit in the morning and met some friends around here and from other states. I'll post some more about this later...........

Also at the same time, water temperature of Yellowstone River has begun to rise. If it gets too high at once, runoff will start. Spring fishing will be over. It is during this short window of period that we expect Mother's Day Caddis hatch!! I said to several guide friends "I've got a strong gut feeling that caddis will pop today!!". So I headed back home in the afternoon. I hit my regular spot of 'Stone. wasn't quite caddis yet...........Also probably because of bright condition, I didn't see any BWO and midge hatches either. I could do some nymphing or face "skunk" in a while. I kept fishing, believing my gut feeling.
Flies I stuck with this afternoon were: Walter's (at Parks' Fly Shop) Clacka Caddis, that I modified in Mother's Day (Grannom or Brachycentrus) color.

Trailed behind was my original Double Soft-Hackled Caddis - Mother's Day color.

There were a few pounces on Clacka!!
Then I finally had the expected feeling on my line! Little yet feisty rainbow took Double Soft-Hackled Caddis with confidence!!

This time period is always cruel to me. We want weather and season to get warmer, but very soon we'll see runoff and early season fishing is over at Yellowstone River. Furthermore, this year, Simms event is scheduled at the same time!
I keep updated!

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