Monday, April 8, 2013

Sudden Spring Storm Yet Match-The-Hatch (Slightly Below)

MEDIA NEWS: A series of my articles is going on at Fly Anglers OnLine ( The latest update of today features a chapter for spring time at DePuy's Spring Creek ( Also check out one great article done by my guide mentor Tom Travis! If you haven't done or thought about streamer fishing at spring creeks, this article will change your perspective!
Finally, here it is. The last week with the Winter Pass at DePuy's. As of now, I'm not sure which way I'm feeling: too fast or finally it's the end....... I will think about that later on!
I'm pursuing how many more days I can accumulate. Will I hit Magnificent 80 DAYS!? Maybe...... Then I'm chasing Midges and BWO hatches!! With just about 3 weeks of dry-fly pursuit, I have already gone through Two Bottles of FROG'S FANNY! How about you?

I still see many a run-up rainbows. They are spawning anywhere suitable in the creek. This individual seemed done his duty of life. His body started molded and looked too sore to swim. He was barely sitting still at the edge of creek. He might recover. But if not, he will devote his flesh to the earth and the river.
Yesterday, 76th Day, it was a nice day. Morning midge hatch was decent enough. I hooked potentially BIG ONES like the one in the last post three times!! But.......those weren't so solid...... It's not that easy every time. I hope I have some more chances to challenge at them!
But it wasn't a totally nothing day.  My brandnew pattern showed its potential right off the bat!! I will go more details later on.

In the afternoon, BWO Time!!

 Its content. Of course it was taken by Winged Victory (no video for this post!)

I thought this would be a useful picture for some serious fly tyers.

Skinny but really strong brown!

Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple was ruined.........
And today, 77th Day, was not as lucky as number suggests...... Besides weather info, Livingston residents had some hunch last night that something terrible might come today..... It was storm!! COLD!! like January!! It was 30MPH (give or take) Norther with snow. When we have 25-35MPH winds from South, we can at least complain. But when they come from North, there's not much we can do but try to stay warm. I still tried in the morning because weather pattern could be somewhat different at creek from town for some reasons. Well, today, it was just the same. This is how my favorite Flat for midge hatch looked like. Waves made me think creek was flowing backward and swans were barely hanging on the water. Apparently midges were blown away to Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park! And I forgot my scarf... I decided to go home and come back in the afternoon, hoping weather might improve.......

Well, there wasn't any improvement........ Probably I should have stayed in my house. But I still hoped BWO hatch could happen, at least trout might be active to feed on nymphs in the water columns. I went to a spot where I have been fishing a lot recently. It wasn't a normal condition. However, I used the terrain so it would be "Wind-Break" and figured out the way to present my flies!! The spot is no secret at all but I let you reader figure out!! I tied on Pheasant Tail Mayfly Parachute as a pilot fly,
and trailed Sawyer Pheasant Tail - Master Angler Version with 6X Tippet!!

 Everything (my calculation, wind-break, angle of presentation) worked and I hit a Jack-Pot!! With the very first decent drift, I hooked a nice run-up rainbow on PT!!

I screamed "I can go home with pride"!! ----- something like that!!

 After that, it was historical three hours. With the very next cast, I caught a little yet feisty brown!!

Then the 3rd Trout of this brutal afternoon made me confirm that I was right and knew what I was doing!!
Trout were indeed looking for BWO! This brown took PTMF Para on the super-wavy surface!!

 Feisty Buck 'Bow also fell in for PT!!

When I was aware, PT was getting chewed off.........
 And now totally ruined......

Though only a few, I kept seeing rising trout so I tied on PTMF Cripple!

 Taken on wavy surface again!!

Another PT ruined........

Well, I survived this brutal afternoon with great success. There may be someone who might argue that I was doing "nymph-fishing", not "match-the-hatch". The spot I was fishing was deep with velocity, there's no way Sawyer PT would go deep without a couple of BBs. I didn't use any split-shot nor bobbers. And as my pictures prove, my dry-flies on top were also taken. Trout were indeed feeding on BWO nymphs, more specifically ascending ones in the water columns.

I gotta fish tomorrow too. Hopefully weather improves!

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