Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GRAND 80TH VISIT @ DePuy's!! - With Friends

April 14th, the very last day of Winter Pass at DePuy Spring Creek (www.depuyspringcreek.com), I made THE MAGNIFICENT 80TH VISIT!! I'm writing a summary for this season right now, but just briefly, I have fished the creek for 80 Days of past 182 days!! Plus, you know that I have fished several other waters through winter. Readers who have been following my updates for fishing report and effective flies know that I have been observing and experimenting all through winter to hone my skills and senses as an angler and a guide.  Also I have developed and proven more than several effective fly patterns!! Yet, even those supportive readers may wonder "how do all of these work/make sense by fishing one creek?". YES!! All of my observation and experiments will pay off and be applied to other waters and other seasons as "Spring Creek is the classroom of fly-fishing". When you find me or fish with me in this upcoming season (well, though you can find me at waters pretty much any time of the year.....), I'll be hauling in some trout and would like to assist you to do so!

One thing I did really crazy was that I saved all the entrance tags for the past 6 months to see how ridiculous it would look at the end........ That's lots of paper!! Betty suggested me to take daily notes behind! Good idea! I will clean soon........

So my friends John and Mike, who caught up with John later, decided to ply the famous spring creek for the first time. Here's John working on midge hatch at PHD Pool.

That's all from my camera as I was busy to get them into fish. However, Mike just gave me lots of pictures from his camera. I like some angles of these pictures as I can never get to them by myself!

Breakfast at my house, then we hit the road!!.................or hit the snow......... I wish weather was a bit more hospitable for them. I towed my boat in case we would be fishing at House Pond.

Midge hatch was fair to tough in the morning. We needed to warm up and have some lunch at Fisherman's Hut. We should have taken pictures of wonderful lunch we cooked!!

In the afternoon, we fished for BWO hatches. Mike caught a typical spring-creek brown!

He caught even better one!!

Look at this warrior!!

When clients are not satisfied with their catches, they always "rub on" guides!!

John with run-up rainbow!

Mike also caught several run-up rainbows!!

We stayed and fished late for our heart contents. I did my best to guide my friends at the creek and into fish. I hope they enjoyed the creek.

So this is the end of Winter Pass 2012-2013. Too many experience, observation, and memories to summarize at once. Over all, I have grown and stepped into a higher level as an angler and a guide. It was good to end the Pass with guiding my friends. I hope lots of anglers will visit and try this famous creek during this year or very near future. If I could be any assistant to you, I live only 5 minutes away!

Last but not least, I really appreciate Smith Family: Betty for welcoming me every time I knock on the door and Daryl & Theresa for answering my compulsive phone calls (often times every other day.....).

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