Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fishing Report (in a while), More Flies, & Season's Greeting

It's been a serious winter so far. As of typing this, snow is falling like raindrops. As long as we don't get stuck or spun, and as long as air temps don't go 20 below 0 like a few weeks ago, this "Good Ol' Montana Winter" is welcome.

I could finally get out fishing for the first time in this month on 18th. After the cold front, it had been discouragingly windy. Though I love to spend at my tying bench, I needed time to relax fishing at DePuy's ( I picked up the day just right!! Wind was not bad all. With layer of clothes, I even felt sweaty. (And now it's all of snow again......)

Nice Rainbow!!
There are still good browns left in the creek!!
With the acquisition of the odd & unique Mustad hook (posted last), now I'm taking a little side-track from Atlantic Salmon flies and working on Carrie Stevens classic streamers. Of course I'm tying seriously. But also it's a good break from intense tying session of ASF and to use up some materials that I don't use for regular trout flies or ASF.

Allie's Favorite.
Colonel Bates with married wings. This is what I mean. Though I don't have yellow hackles, I could use goose shoulders that are used for Atlantic Salmon flies. Too short? Yes, I know. But if I had long barbs, I would save for 4/0 or larger ASF! This should still serve as wet-fly style wings.

Toppings............what really turns me on the most........
Especially the one like this........

Here's Rosy Dawn 2/0.
Then time has matured.
Thanks to my Master's critiques and advises and my own bloody and undaunted effort, I reached the first goal I had set before; I want to learn Atlantic Salmon flies and be good enough to show and present to people around me. I don't intend to invent "original" or "style", as in trout flies, but since there are lots of beautiful materials available, would be nice if I could create or dress up something. As I learn traditional patterns and learn techniques and methods through them, I started to draw and write down my idea on paper. It wouldn't come shortly. But I really liked the process and time to mature what was going on in my head.

Finally I sat on my bench with great concentration and willingness to make it right. This one for Parks' Fly Shop (, "Salmonfly on The Gardner".
Coupled/framed with "Sir Richard".

Unlike trout flies, it's hard to produce multi flies quickly (mostly because of motivation....). This is the only one ever tied. I don't have one myself but these pictures.I honestly like it!

For Montana Troutfitters in Bozeman (, here's another inspirational/interpretive tie.
Then last but not the least, here's "Merry X'mas" to every one who visits my blog!!
Hopefully I can get out fishing for 1 or 2 more days within this year.
Merry X'mas to all of blog readers, friends, clients, and family!!
Wish the same for trout and insects in many great waters!!

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