Monday, April 7, 2014

Best of Spring Hatch - AM Midge

From April 1st, I've been visiting DePuy's Spring Creek ( "full-day" (morning till evening with lunch) and "full-time" (several days a week). I'm NOT being piggy about fishing as much as I can while Winter Pass lasts. It's simply because fishing is amazingly GOOD!! Perhaps I'm experiencing some of the best and constant spring hatches and actions related to them that I ever recall.

Day 1 was sort of a "wake-up & shape-up call", so to speak. To be honest, I didn't expect midge hatches and trout actions would go so well right of the bat!! Usually both or either one of them need time to stabilize itself. Day 1 ended with lots of close-calls (hook-ups and gone). There was one potential "something" that still haunts me...... This thing hit my Pupaerger (click here) with a whale-like splash, worked on it (as seen), and then gone...........

From Day 2, I started to catch up with them!! Below, I don't really separate days but in chronological order.
Now I see their menu!!
Getting larger inch x inch!!
Learning & making sure.

My brandnew pupa/emerger has become an immediate & massive success!! I am thinking to post the fly and how to fish with later on.
So far the best!!

Pupa........not puke........

This is a new little gear for me. Named "Spring Creek Clamp" from Dr. Slick is indeed very handy and works very well with small flies for spring creeks.
Gaining more confident with my method and flies.


Nice brown!!

It's safe to say this would be a typical of resident brown at DePuy's.
 I'd also call this type "footballer" due to its shape!!

Oh-so-consistent fly & method!!
Not bad for the second catch of the morning!!
It's not a bad teeth but my fly!!
Not as long as the rainbow above but sure it was heavy!!
 Another "footballer"!!

I've been waking up early and keeping myself in good shapes, just like on guide trip days!!
Hope to continue another week! And I'd like to wake up early with delight!!

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