Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February - Things Are Moving

I know I still need 4WD, woodstove, misc other warm clothes but, as February rolls, I can't help but thinking winter is seeing its end - at least on the calendar. Plus, I have many plans and schedules going on. I want to wrap up couple of things during February also. Mostly fly-fishing related. So it could potentially be a month of transition early in the year. Let me see what's going to happen.

I was able to hit DePuy's Spring Creek during the fine afternoon. It was good! And that's one of reasons that indicates "transition".
Nice rainbow!
It was quite a head-shaking leaper!!

I was quite happy yet it wasn't over. Right after the fine rainbow above, I got even a bigger hookup!! I controlled and netted carefully.
Can I call this "spring-run" or still "winter-run"?
And then I was finally able to wrap up the second biggest project for the season.
Now it's revealed. I've been working on Plate 1 in How To Dress Salmon Flies by T.E. Pryce-Tannatt (1914). With Holiday Season in between, plus many other things, it took me a while.
I had no reason to hurry and worry, as I knew it would come one by one and that would be the best progress for the final result.
All flies are dressed on Partridge of Redditch Sprite Pryce-Tannatt 4/0.
This time, I really simplified my framing/matting. With 9 gaudy flies all in one frame, they talk about & show themselves. I just figures "no frills needed!"
Yet, I'd like to mention I've done some painstaking effort for planning and calculating in the back of the single mat...........

So February seem to be going to be full!!