Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Classics

I am still in the middle of cows after cows. I can't go out fishing right now yet I have plenty of time at my bench.

With some confidence of my skills for Spruce Fly below (thank you for dropping me by), I am into more classic yet still the all time favorite patterns. Then again I have tied with my own interpretation and imagination.

One of those was Matuka streamer. Traditionally tied with hen hackles for body/wing/tail, but I used "Church Window" feathers from a cock ringneck pheasant skin. (Chartreuse exclamation marks)
And this is the idea from Jack Gartiside. Along with his Soft-hackle Streamer, I admire him as a soft-hackle guru, as Sylvester Nemes, especially since I heard that he passed away last year........
For more information about why pheasant skin is so important and exciting for a soft-hackle addict like me, one should click this site of his.

Here's one with black x olive tone. I weighed with a lead wire under the chenille body. Yet it still keeps the look of soft-hackle/wet-fly/streamer.

Another one more darker oriented. I used the butt end of regular grizzly saddle hackle.

Here in eastern part of WA, now is the time for damsel nymphs. One of the Northwest favorites must be this Carey Special. I tied with a body of peacock herls and grouse feather (for tail and hackle) instead of pheasant as suggested originally. I just wanted to have darker silhouette that grouse feathers have.


Corey, please come back to work fine and sound ASAP so I can get out fishing with these flies...



  1. nice. I'm going to have to poach these for my blog

  2. I'd like to see some classic drawings at your blog too. Natural mottle of pheasant feathers is a kind of art, I think.