Thursday, May 13, 2010

OUCH!!!! (not me)

Yesterday, my young friend/co-worker Corey was hospitalized for appendicitis. Sounded like an acute care. He claims he's the best, most talented, and sexiest cattle breeder in Yakima Valley. So I have to cover his job until he recovers well. Suddenly I've got commitment and responsibility in my life (temporarily, I hope!!). I can't go out fishing but it is actually good time. It's not way too hot to work outside. Also all the fishery in Columbia Basin are starting to get heated up. Say, Rocky Ford will be covered by full of dead moss floating.

Here's Corey when we went fishing last summer. First time for him to fly-fish. He's one of a few persons who stepped in my secret holes in a mountain stream.

He caught his first Westslope Cutthroat on the fly in the evening. It was actually very rare for my fishing experience in that stream. I haven't caught Westslope in the afternoon even this size. All the good Westslope were caught in the morning. Then somehow rainbows usually come up to dry-flies all afternoon till dark. Westslope in my area are truly native here. Really lovely species. I can't wait to make hikes in summer.

My job schedule doesn't stop me at my bench. I think I might send him a flower??

Or maybe a Prosser Wine along with the grape fly.

Also when I went to Yakima River on 10th (my last post below), I found a leak on my wader. I thought "OMG, do I have to buy a new pair right after I spent on my F-150??". I didn't have to. I found two punctures and patched them. Not a beautiful work but solid for sure.

OK, I will be working with moo-moo cows for a while but I am actually happy (sorry for Corey). With this job for next two weeks or so, I have a perfect reason to get out to Yellowstone National Park late in June!! I have to be compensated, if not being paid more, right folks??

Also, I have to try this patched wader of mine before the trip. But I have just heard a news on the radio this morning that there was a waste water leakage in Yakima River. Without being told, I don't want to get closer. It's actually a spring salmon season right now but folks be aware if you want to eat, not me....................


  1. My sister inlaw is from your area and when I went out for the wedding I wish I would have brought a rod. Beautiful country! Hope buddy gets better nut more money for you means more gear. Good luck in yellowstone.

  2. Thank you for dropping me by.
    Here in eastern WA, one can fly-fish all kinds of species, especially if one likes lakes.
    You have a cool blog. I like your effort to post pics/paintings every day?? Wonder if you have time to go fish!? I'll follow your blog soon. And will check your older posts for soft-hackles (my obcession......)