Sunday, January 11, 2015

1st Fishing, 1st Big Show, & 2nd Plate

This past week ended up being packed with many things. Weather remains in a colder side. I managed to pick up one good afternoon and was finally able to get out fishing to DePuy's Spring Creek ( for the first time in 2015!

 Good & happy enough for me!
My neighbor asked me if I want to ride along to Fly Fishing Show in Denver, CO on Friday. We drove all night ("we" may not be correct as I was just a navigator, if not a sleepy passenger) so we would see the event on Saturday. This was the biggest ever show I've ever visited (farthest too!!). Fly Fishing Show would perhaps be the nation's biggest and the Denver show is bigger among them (so I was told).
There were lots of fly-tyers demonstrating their patterns and skills. I met "Hopper Juan" in person. Nice guy and great tyer!
There were lots of vendors and booths. There was an exhibition of antique bamboo rods. Apparently some of those used for Atlantic Salmon captured me!!
I also spotted some authors/anglers/tyers that I often see in magazines and websites. Among them, I finally met Dr. Gary Borger in person! I joined his casting clinic. He's truly a fly-fishing educator. I listened carefully and took some notes. Some of quotes I noted can be utilized for my guiding.
 Following was the clinic with one of modern "Spey Master" Simon Gawethworth. Long story short and I can't describe my inner thoughts for now but I'm into it. So for my near future, I again listened carefully and took some notes.
Over all it was a great time (sure long & hard hours on the road too!). I picked up a couple of items that I wouldn't have purchased unless I would be there. I will post later.
Then I completed one more plate for my own project.
My current best rosters.
This plate consists of (somewhat) random collections that I came up this season so far. But of course there are some stories and personal meanings for each fly. Say, remember The Major was the first one for this project?
This winter to spring will be very busy, just like last week, with full of events and new stuffs. I will unfold one by one as time goes by.....


  1. Great to meet you Lefty! It was certainly one of the highlights of my show. Glad you stopped by! I hope to see some gray photos with some of those patterns I shared with you.

    Hopper Juan

    1. You too Juan! I am glad to find you and catch up with you. When I start to see some mayfly actions, I certainly tie on your patterns (give me a couple of months). Hope you have had a good time on the last day of the show. I'm recovering from the long drive (though my friend drove and I slept).