Thursday, September 1, 2016

9/1 Update: Spring Creeks Reopened & Yellowstone River Partially Reopened


This noon, there was a conference call among MT FWP commissions and they announced changes regarding Yellowstone River & tributary closures.
Armstrong's, DePuy's, & Nelson's Spring Creeks are opened for fishing.
Yellowstone River from Hwy 89 Bridge downstream is opened for fishing. 
Then, we all have to be aware:

  • Yellowstone Park boundary to Carbella Access is open for recreations (rafting, kayaking, etc) but NOT for fishing.
  • Carbella to Hwy 89 Bridge is still closed for all activities.

FWP conducts further monitoring and investigation on these stretches next week and later on. If conditions seem improving or improved, it's possible we are able to fish these stretches soon.
Commissioner Dan Vermillion says something I kind of expected to hear:
"The fish kill has not affected the trout fishery and trout fishing. One of the reasons the department did what it did is so we could tell you this disease has not affected the trout fishery."

Anyways, I got my options back. I can certainly guide Madison, Missouri, and Bighorn but there are so many outfitters/shops along those destined rivers. It's hard for me to promote from Livingston. That had left only Yellowstone Park waters as my destination for nearly two weeks.
Spring Creeks will be fishing better than ever!
As for Yellowstone River, though it may sound "not much" as the popular section - Gardiner to Livingston - is still closed, let me tell you below 89 Bridge makes quite amount of water!! Now we can call it the closure worked as a little break for trout there from our flies. Hopefully they have missed our hopper patterns!!

We've got all September back, starting from Labor Day weekend. Then October will follow.
It's not too late to reconsider your fishing trip to Paradise Valley and Yellowstone National Park within this season!!

With all being said, all the anglers from/to Yellowstone River are required to CLEAN, DRAIN, & DRY their gears. There's no law for it. However I guess now we don't need authorities to point us. I certainly follow and will encourage my clients to do so.

Hope to see you around here this fall!

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