Monday, September 19, 2016

GRAND Re-Opening of Yellowstone River & DePuy's Spring Creek

If you haven't heard over the weekend........

UPDATES: two more long stretches of Yellowstone River has been reopened for fishing and other recreations on Friday September 16th. Currently only one closed stretch is Emigrant to Pine Creek, which experienced the highest number of whitefish death.
If I may still comment - as much as we shouldn't dwell on past, we should not forget PKD madness - FWP could have closed this section and then up- or down-stream, give or take, rather than the entire fishing sections............ We should not let this incident go lightly for our future. 
Practically speaking, I wouldn't float this currently closed section once algae seem developed, especially under hot summer and low water season. I may float in October as there are some good streamer-suitable waters. 

Yellowstone River and town of Livingston had some boat traffics over this past weekend, though it was nowhere close to average seasons.
One of my clients decided to come back and we tried a newly reopened section. Put it simply, fishing was good and, better or worse, very much normal, compared to before PKD madness.
Honestly no surprises about that because whitefish kills by PKD has NOTHING TO DO with Yellowstone River as trout fishery and trout that live there, period!! 
We started to catch "TROUT" just like our routine!!

Certainly we caught some whitefish, as we know ONLY A PORTION of whitefish got killed and killing has stopped since!! 
Then we caught now considered a COLLECTOR'S ITEM GIANT WHITIE!!!!

Eagle flies.........great to be on our beloved River............
A boat captain's view.........Action!
A nice streamer caught rainbow!!

We also tried DePuy's Spring Creek. As I reported, Livingston's spring creeks has been opened since Sep 1st. Insect hatches and rise actions are as great as always!!
.................that doesn't mean fishing is easy............. Indeed very challenging, we worked on trout that were rising on very tiny insects with smallest flies we have that require precise presentations along with right timing..................
That's very normal and common on spring creeks - which we gladly hope for and challenge!!

Renee and I fished along town for a few hours.
Look what she got............ Another Trophy Whitie!!
followed by!!!!

     We got our waters back!! And fall fishing has just begun!! Along with Yellowstone Park waters, come and sample glorious fall fishing in Paradise Valley!!

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