Monday, September 12, 2016

The Fall Approaches

Just as September sets, I feel summer abruptly ended then the fall has come.
It's still dry appearance and one can still wet-wade but days are getting shorter and we wouldn't expect 80F & above weathers any more. We have started to enjoy crisp air and lighter sunshine. So far we have had 70F weathers but also had some rainy days. I have started to anticipate the fall fishing!!

Renee and I hit the road to northeast side of Yellowstone Park. We were in waders and our feet were comfortably warm and dry. However once we touched the water, our hands felt really cold!
We were both rewarded with some of the handsomest cutthroat for the first thing in the morning!!
Once in a while I can catch a bigger one than she does.........

Fishers' privileged wildlife view!!
Originally Slough Creek was a part of our options however due to Buffalo Fire, we gave up for right reasons. It was smokey all over (picture may be due to controlled fire).
Good news is it's forecast to be rainy and wet for next several days in the area!
 We had some dry-fly actions too with misc insects and terrestrials imitations.
Last one to end the day!!

 As I have reported already, Yellowstone River and Livingston's spring creeks are already back in business with great fishing conditions! Come and try Yellowstone Park waters too before season ends in November!
Stay tuned for the fall fishing report!

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