Friday, September 30, 2016

September Wrap Up

After the previous post, things got really busy!! - good!! Not just the number of trips, it was quite a pleasure to sample & taste around the variety of waters!

Lower Madison. Typical nymphs and baetis actions!

Learning how tiny we had to be.........
 Oh these guys were very active too!!

Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park.
Now is the time to fish Firehole (and Madison) until the season closes on the first Sunday of November!! This angler had some great times with waves of caddis hatches!!

 White Miller were apparent...........
However, trout were feeding on a different types of caddis..........I was able to decode it successfully from my previous experience.
A lone and friendly one.........
Then Burns Ranch Lake in Big Timber, MT was a total blast!!!!
We literally averaged 18" hefty trout!!!!
The day started with perhaps the biggest brook trout I've ever seen anywhere else!!
 Then typical Kamloop strain rainbows offered us plenty of actions!!
 Like this!
This lake/place from the boat is always picturesque to me.........
 This was also a very memorable brookies!! Look at its colors!!!!

Favorite snack.......
Not just from the boat, we stalked and sight-fished............ This local gem should be on your list!!!
I also helped out a part of TU National Meeting Fishing Day on DePuy's Spring Creek.
They were from all over the country and were all skilled anglers, bravely challenged midge fishing!!
They all got good actions!!

After about a month of chaos, things are getting better around here.
Good end of September!! Hopefully to see more anglers in October!!

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