Sunday, January 3, 2010

Additional 3

After I posted my favorite 10 flies, I simply felt my boxes have more than that.
I want to show 3 more flies that couldn't make the list due to the limiting factor of the game.

I know I did not include terrestrial patterns in my top 10 list becacuse they are seasonal and not really hatching. Contemporary foam patterns are fun to tie.
Here's Chaos Hopper. Square rubber leg is one of a kind.

Tiger Beetle is very visible for anglers while trout is looking the juicy dubbing body and pairs of legs!!

I personally like to tandem and cast these to grassy cutbanks of Gallatin River in Yellowstone National Park section. It is very exciting to aim calm waters of the far side bank over the fast riffle of Gallatin by calculating the distance and mending some.

For the universal effect of $3 Serendipity (I mean it works anywhere for rainbow, brown, and whitefish from small to large), this Rubber Leg Stonefly nymph was omitted from the top 10 list. That does not mean this is less effective than Serendipity patterns. I just followed the rule of the game.

In my experience, I have had very good action and large brown in Madison with this black & brown tie. Size from 4 to 8 work well. I don't have to discuss the abundance of Salmonflies of Madison River. This must be one of the top 10 Madison flies if one tries to think of.....

Of course, I always carry worm and egg patterns secretly as most of guides do!!
(pictures omitted)

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