Sunday, May 2, 2010

Favorite Materials - Fox Tail

I have just obtained a nice bunch of fox tails from Doug at Yellowstone Angler in Livingston. These have become one of my favorite materials immediately, just happy to keep at my bench as my soft-hackle materials. I have tied lots of Home Invader but also I had to play some. Way too early for Halloween but by that time, I will be chasing fall-run brown and rainbow along Madison.

With the natural one, my Simms hat has got some mountain-man's taste??

It's not Bin-Ladin on my wall......

White one can make a good scurf......I'm afraid I could be #1 target of animal rights people since I am good at fishing and breeding cows and furthermore I love natural materials for fly-tying.

OK, enough political sarcasm other than fishing. Below is what's going on at my bench.
During the trip, I bought a METZ magnum cape that Doug suggests to use on Home Invader. We all know fish may not care our materials and brands but this METZ cape is really unique to me. I don't have this kind in Whiting feathers.

Now the secret weapon at spring creeks is revealed. Home Invader in natural fox tail with olive or brown made 90% of my catch during the trip, including some big ones at Nelson's. If someone argues at me about spring creek fishing (tiny flies, thin tippet, etc), please try streamer fishing first, especially sight-fishing. And then we go and talk from there.

And then here's my recent idea. I just wondered what if I tie Home Invader with a conehead instead of a barbell eye. What I noticed by tying and fishing Home Invader is that wings and fox fibers make lots of pulsing in the water. "Cross-dresser" was in my mind. What I mean by "cross-dresser" is a streamer that represents broad things all in once; minnow/sculpin/leech/crayfish or just an attractor.
Also streamer anglers know conehead patterns penetrate quick into water and make erratic and jigging up-&-down motions, especially in big swift rivers like Madison.
I then simplified. It's basically a Woolly Bugger but I tied without chenille and hackle, instead just wrapping fox tail fibers to the conehead. If this streamer hits a chart in public, I will name it "Foxxy Bugger" or "Foxxy Leech"........ Wish my dream come true???

I will experiment these two at Rocky Ford this week. I'll find more.

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