Saturday, September 25, 2010

Splice Needle Nail Knot

As I am tuning my gears, I'd like to post about a very unique tool and how it works like a magic. This blog of mine is never meant to be instructional or promoting some products.

But this 3-in-1 Nail Knot Pipe from C&F is one of the most unique and practical tools ever.
Nail knot is probably the most complicated knots among fly-fishing. One has to make it neat and strong. See here how it can be done normally.
This is the description of how it works in English and Japanese. It is as good as TOYOTA as one of Japanese products.
This is how it can be separated. Splice needle and nail-knot tube.
And here's the third function. One of the tips is with magnet that can pick up flies and hooks easily.

Following is the sequence of how the nail-knot can be done with this fine tool and how neat the knot comes up that goes through the rod guides so smooth.
First, the sharp needle can make a punch in the core of the fly-line.

Second, one should be able to pass the tip of knotless leader through the tiny hole located on the tip of the needle. This is a very fragile spot so one has to go strong and firm to make a punch hole but not with too much force.

I pulled the knotless leader all the way to the butt section through that punched hole.

With this thin yet solid tube, I noticed I can make the neatest nail-knot ever.

This is the end result (I didn't clip the excess for the picture).

I actually can make a nail-knot without this tool. And it does have accuracy and strength. But this nail-knot with the splice needle goes through the guides much easier whether rigging up or fighting big trout that have to be dealt with just around butt-section.

I hope some of you out there like this tool and nail-knot.

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