Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On My Way to Be a Steelheader??

Steelheader - not a medical condition but a nickname for a skilled fly-fisherman who likes nothing better than to make 999,998 false casts before actually catching a steelhead (quoted from somewhere).

I think this line really means what is about fly-fishing for steelhead, as well as a very good joke.
Living and fishing for trout in WA State over three years, I have finally come to be interested in fishing for steelhead. And then the accidental catch of Chinook about three weeks ago really made me aware of what Pacific Northwest offers.

People at Worley Bugger in Ellensburg, WA tempted me to give a shot. Also Creekside Flyfishing in Salem, OR gave me a suggested read to get started as I ordered the 5wt rod and line in one post below.

I ordered this book at Amazon right after I had ordered the 5wt rod and line at Creekside. It was delivered today and I have started reading. Just glancing the index, I noticed that it was the best one. What I was looking for and expecting were:
  • Pacific Northwest fishing (not steelhead in general or in Great Lakes)
  • rivers and water-reading
  • Steelhead character and habitat
  • tactics
  • gears
  • flies

All in one book!!

I might make a day or two very soon in my area. It may not be really actual fishing but observing the rivers since this will be a brandnew game for me.

This does not mean I am losing interests in brown and rainbow trout in Montana.

You know I want to catch one big one or maybe two if I get lucky. After all, when targeting huge Salmo (brown trout) and Oncorhynchus (rainbow, cutthroat, steelhead, and salmon), one has to pursue and play the number of games. That's my understanding.

Tomorrow, I go fishing for trout then!!

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