Saturday, October 22, 2011

DePuy's 1, 2, & 3

What a great week it was!! Fall gently settles in and may be leaving soon with mixed weather. I was fortunate to fish with two elder angles from Japan. I came to meet them through my outfitter Dean. Right after their arrival, we head to DePuy's for three days and those days turned out to be the first, second, and third day with my winter pass (hence the title). These gents do know how to fish spring creeks. We caught lots of nice trout but that embarrassed other anglers and forced them to leave in the middle of hatch.......

For the first time, I was asked not to post their names or pictures as they are involved in Japanese fly-fishing industry and they were here for vacation. But I still have to do a fishing report. Well, Mr. T was catching fish like a "Fishing General".

Mr. X is indeed a "President" of fishing product company!!

We saw baetis spinner in the morning,

and duns in the afternoon as we expected.

Here's the stomach sample!! Look at all of these duns, cripples, emergers, and nymphs!!

We also saw some Tricos in the air. It was like baetis but looked more armored.

I caught Yellowstone Cutty for the first time at spring creeks. Actually this was not really a catch. While I was wading, this trout was hanging around my legs and sucking on debris caused by my steps and never got away like a pet. So I scooped with my net!! Really!!

Then typical brown,

and rainbow.

This is the smallest at the creek I've ever seen!!

Then I never let you forget my catch of the year!! (a different angle and pose!!)
More to post!!

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