Sunday, October 23, 2011

At Armstrong's

I forgot to cereblate the last post as the 250th post and also with next post, my Japanese Edition will make the 100th!!
I was glad that my guests decided to try Armstrong's for the first time. I wanted them to see the spring where DePuy's starts and somewhat different character from DePuy's. I personally believe brown trout in Armstrong's have more vivid red spots compared to those in DePuy's and Nelson's. Then again, I always enjoy to visit the real working ranch in Montana, filled with cows and horses.

Armstrong's is the insect factory as well. We saw huge October Caddis flying in the air.

Then midges. They were mating on my fly!!!!

As we expected, we did see baetis, tons of them.

What a surprise!! We encountered hatch of Western Drakes and trout were feeding on them!!

Gents really didn't need my help as they solved the situation with PMD patterns and kept catching trout!!

Hatch wasn't the strongest but I was glad that my guests enjoyed Armstrong's. Other than catching trout, I want everyone to see and enjoy cows, horses, and any other wildlife along the creek!!


  1. Looks like a great day on the creek. Gotta love the wildlife that accompanies each adventure. Your guests look familiar :) Great pics of all the hatches. Congrats on the Blog Posts achievement. Tight Lines bro

  2. Thanks TM,
    My biggest achievement was that I could introduce Japanese anglers about Armstrong's (for the first time for them) and fall fishing in Montana. My guests have strong influence in Japanese fly-fishing industry and that's why they wear masks.....

  3. Love "those days" on those creeks: pale sun, hatches popping, plenty of fish sipping. Here's to a day like that in the future when we cast a fly together, Satoshi.

  4. Thank you Jason. I try to hang in here till then. With the winter pass at DePuy, I will look for baetis and midge hatches all winter. I'm thinking to get a Tenkara rod & line soon (= no frozen guides) to enjoy winter fishing!!