Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is This THE "FISH of the Year"?

I was going to post how my first 3 days outing to DePuy's with the winter pass after tomorrow but something happened today. So I'll post quick about only today and go to bed for tomorrow.
It was a rainy and cold day here in Livingston. We didn't see any rising trout or midges and baetis spinners on surface either. This is the typical situation I walk and look around the creek. I just can't sit still waiting for rises in this cold weather. I found a couple of deep runs. Just to kill my time, I pitched my always favorite go-to fly, Doug's Home Invader in spring creek sculpin color.

I cut my 5X tippet down to 3X and tied it on. I thought I snagged the bottom. Well, it was a trout and I noticed it would at least be 20-inch!! It didn't come to my net and I couldn't beach him either. It ran down the riffle and I followed it almost falling into the creek. Then I finally netted him!!

It was MY RECORD of Montana Trout EVER!!

It did measure 24-INCH and estimated FULL 6-lb (or more I felt)

I wasn't sure if he came up from the River to spawn or just hanging around there.  I was out my breath for next several minutes and I didn't care my wet sleeves (till it got really cold at the end of the day).
Is this the "FISH of the YEAR?"
No objection but we can still get out another month and this was only 2nd day out to DePuy's of 6-month pass!!


  1. My friend you are like the Miyamoto Musashi of trout fishing. Just slaying the trout :) They don't stand a chance against that Home Invader :) That fish is one of the nicest Browns I have ever seen. Great job and congrats on your new record. Tight Lines.

  2. Thanks TM,
    Yeah it was quite a surprise and excitement. I also took lots of pictures with my mind-camera. I will never forget each second of that process.

  3. Thanks Kev2380,
    Yes, sir, nice fish it was. I'm happy but also feeling insecure about when I will break the record from now on in my life??

  4. Nice fish, indeed, Satoshi! Keep up the rainy day/big fly scenario and you may break that record sooner than you think....

  5. Thank you Jason. Next Monday is calling a cloudy/rainy weather again. I will hit the creek!!