Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Only Bugs.......

I was lazy for the last couple of days, even this morning. I got awaken by a call from my guide friend. "Meet me at 89 Bridge in 45 minutes!!" "10-4........"
Day seemed to be a perfect streamer day; mix of cloudy & shower with some sunny minutes. I wish fishing was easy....... For some reasons my head was not really in the game.......

While we were shuttling ourselves, I saw this bug in my car. I think this is Drake Spinner. It was totally rusty with 3 distinct tail. Cool!!
We also came across a pod of rising fish on baetis. Apparently I didn't bring any dry-flies or even float line....... Graham caught some including a large whitefish. I should have taken a picture of his whitefish so he can get the title of WHITEFISH KING........My mind was somewhere.

At least I found that streamer-bite is slow for now. Tomorrow I will be really ON.


  1. Won't be long and this cooler weather will have those fish hunting for bigger meals to get em through the winter. I really enjoy throwing big streamers , even when the fish aren't on em.

  2. Thank you for commenting on this stupid post. I like to throw streamers but also can't ignore BWO hatch at this time of the year. I gotta update how I did today....