Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yellowstone with Japanese Anglers

I understand that Japanese anglers would like to visit Montana for its wilderness and some elbow-room along with fine dry-fly fishing with match-the-hatch. These two VIPs are no exceptions. But I also wanted to introduce them the diversity of Montana fly-fishing. The biggest example is our Mighty Yellowstone. So I took them out with my boat. At this time of the year, we look for huge BROWN in fall color. They say Sculpzilla is not in Japan!!??

Wind was a bit too strong on that day. I planned to float from Carbella to 26 and I knew I could handle my boat with safe operations. But gents looked somewhat uncomfortable so I re-arranged the shuttle with my cell-phone and we took out at Point of Rocks. I said to them "just bear with me maybe an hour and we will get out the river". Then right after I said that, PRESIDENT hooked something huge........

"President" gave a try though he was not used to heavy rigs but, well, it can happen like that at 'Stone. It was a fine buck brown, 21-inch long, in fall color!!!! I explained them that even local anglers/guides don't see this size of fish so often!!!!!
I wish we could have floated longer. And I wanted them to see pods of risers for baetis and midges as we see at spring creeks.
Yes, sir & mam, Yellowstone River shows us every challenge and aspect of fly-fishing!!

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