Friday, October 7, 2011

Slough Creek HAIKU

No Trout
No Bugs or Any Pics
So No Post
That said all for today at Slough.
I woke up early and hit the road with mixed thoughts in my head. I had Creek all by myself, shivering and being patient. I didn't see any insect hatches or any fish rises. I hooked a few small ones but I couldn't get them in for stomach-pump either.
Maybe too cold for Baetis hatch? Read here. Air temp. was over 40F all day and water temp. shouldn't have been freezing point. Where are bugs and trout? Don't know when I want to visit Slough again.

One more haiku.

At Slough
Wait For Bugs
Butt Got Cold


  1. Good!! My prof pic is back and I don't have to type my name and blog address!!

  2. I didn't know you were a poet! LOL

  3. Should I go back to Slough (with touch of Lamar) again? What do you think? Or should I head to West? I still can't make up my mind about how to end the Park season this year.