Saturday, October 29, 2011

RPM = Rise Per Minute

It was like an impulse, nothing different from "I wanna eat Mac!! ", I wanted to go to DePuy's in the afternoon. When I got there at 1:30pm, trout were rising & rising. They were feeding on Baetis. Then the new fly-fishing jargon (today's title) was born in my head. I'd say it was 15 to 20RPM at my spot.
Did I catch every single rise? Duh~~~~~~~??
Well, at least I made one achievement. The pattern I've been working on since this spring has been proving itself and now approved even by these selective trout at DePuy's recently. Let me proudly introduce you "Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple" in baetis color (I have a PMD version too).

It will be on my sales catalogue soon this winter and I will explain more but one background story to be mentioned is that I have too many pheasant tails left, as I tie too many COYOTE myself, I had to do something with them. I came up with this fly and fortunately it turned right!!

Hatch ended exactly at 3pm. Some people went home and others were still stripping streamers for their "fish of the year". Has anybody caught up with mine??
My objective of Winter Pass is again "learning & observation". And with my recent catch, I don't have to chase huge trout badly. So I did some experiment with nymphs at less popular sections. Sparkle Scud is one of the best underwater pattern at spring creeks.

Folks, I hooked two in a row!! One should try more methods and spots!! They were average sizes.

But I somehow focused on its adipose fin!!! Super cool to me.

Other fins got some makeup too.
I have booked next two days also. Maybe see you there!!



  2. That is a crazy looking Adipose fin. It looks like it blends right in with the body. Nice pic. Dig that Sparkle Scud too. Good luck next couple of days. Tight Lines.

  3. Wait for more pics in the next post!!