Friday, October 14, 2011

Winter Pass

Winter Pass for what? Skiing? Ski-lift? Or hot-spring? No sir, no mam, It's a fishing pass!!
I bought one to fish for world famous DePuy's Spring Creek right here in Livingston. It's less than 10-minute driving from my house!! I can visit there during the winter rate = from tomorrow to April 14th = as much as I want!!

Have I become insane to fish in the middle of Montana winter? Folks, Paradise Valley spring creeks never get frozen and they are still fun during the winter months. Yet am I a fishing-junk who needs to catch trout every day of his life? No.........Remember what Master Angler told me? "Learning & Observation". Catching fish is important but that's not all the reason that I decided to get the pass. I want to learn and observe every inch of the creek and winter phase of the creek. Except for a few brave hearts in the area, the creek will be wide-&-open.

If I catch trout, I will examine stomach samples. And I have just created an original seine to collect any floating insects or something under-water (hopefully not!!) All I needed was: a screen from a 10-lb potato bag, wire coated with plastic, and duct-tape!!

I wish I could just sleep in, read good books, tie flies, and stay warm in my house during winter. But I want to be the expert guide for spring creeks. This is the investment. You might wonder there are also Armstrong's and Nelson's. I love to fish them too but DePuy's is the longest among three with many different faces and structures so spending at DePuy's will be a great exercise to fish any spring creeks in the world!!
Find and join me if you are eager to beat Montana winter!!
Only if you don't mind your rods, lines, and even our noses will be covered by icicles!!


  1. Loves me some icicles on my nose :) Sounds like a great way to spend the winter months. Plus the water is nice and clear so will be able to spot fish easier. Great chance to just observe too. If I ever get a chance to make it out your way I will look you up and join you for some frozen rod guides :) Tight Lines.

  2. I'm excited too but also hopefully I'm brave enough. Actually today I'm on my way to the creek!!

  3. Good luck to you man. I have been out in 25 below zero here in the Driftless and it is always worth braving the cold for :) Looking forward to the report from today. Tight Lines.