Monday, April 22, 2013

Back On The Water - Chasing Spring Hatches

MEDIA: Check up the latest update at Fly Anglers OnLine ( I submitted an article about very technical & challenging situation from my spring fishing at DePuy's Spring Creek ( Keyword: Observation
Just about a week ago when my friends were visiting, I was feeling a little discomfort on my left shoulder with the cause I couldn't think of. Then I realized it might be "Cast-ritis". Indeed I had been pushing myself hard since spring hatches occurred and trout started rising in the middle of March. I don't think I am what's called "Burn-out syndrome". But just as DePuy's ( Winter Pass ended (and as my friends went home), winter came back! So last several days, I've been catching up with my fly-tying lists. And my left-shoulder seems healed well!!

Yesterday, it was still cold. Yet winds weren't so bad. So I decided to drive along Yellowstone River and stop at one particular spot. Just as I was getting ready to walk along the bank, winds got stronger from North........... However, river, especially edge structures, looked just great!! I was expecting midge and Baetis hatches. Then indeed they were hatching!!

Now I started to string my line through rod-guides. Just as I was ready to tie on, fish started to rise!! These were my go-to patterns.
Micro Wulff Cripple!

Purple Haze Cripple!

 The very first cast!! Cutie-Cutty!!

I also caught a couple of Whities on rises. I pumped one of them........... Midges and BWO were predictable but LOOK!! Ant or Bee was present!? Furthermore a BIG one!!

A respectable Cutty!! Happy!!

Just about when I couldn't take any more, hatches/rises ended (vise versa).
Due to this extra cold/wet condition, runoff will be delayed. What I hope in addition is Mother's Day Caddis hatch!! Let's see what's gonna happen this year! I will keep you updated!


  1. Great report and nice fish Satoshi. The mayfly in the sideview picture has small secondary wings. Baetis on my local river lack the secondary wings, maybe they are different species.

    1. Thanks for technical comments.
      However, I can't be responsible to answer all correctly. I'm a learning student of trout entomology too. Try this site; (you may already know....).
      This should help you identify bugs you see in your area and that's where I'm looking next.

  2. Satoshi..Great looking Purple Haze Cripple. I nailed a few landlocks on the Purple Haze nymph the other day. Great pattern. Todd

    1. I have more new patterns for you this year. Are you coming to Ice Out this weekend? I have developed a sucker-minnow streamer based on online pics of suckers, provided by Maine Fish & Wildlife Dept, really.

  3. Awesome Satoshi! Send them and I'll test them. I won't be at this years Ice Out. Have a great time and have a beer for me. Todd

    1. I try to reclaim the champion seat at the fly contest at Montana Fly booth.....Sucker minnow is one of my potential submissions (yes, I have more than several patterns to show.......).