Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last of Pre-Runoff Report? How About Caddis?

It's about the time of year for me. Gotta feel somewhat gloomy as runoff is coming. Yellowstone River height and temperature are rising, instead losing visibility. I want to see one decent caddis hatch! Well, weather information is calling another slightly cold conditions so there may be one more hope. But then again, I will be engaged in my Master Breeder side so who knows if I could fish one more time before runoff or even hit the caddis right time!?

Yesterday, I went to my usual spot. While I was waiting for water temperature to rise, I fished with "dry-dropper" rigging and caught many a whitefish! I pumped stomachs of most of my catches.
 This one seemed very gourmet........

Water reached above 50F in the mid afternoon. Yet I didn't see any signs of hatches of BWO or Mother's Day Caddis....... On the way back down-stream to my truck, I swung my original Double Soft-Hackled Caddis......

 One heavily "kyped" 'Bow crushed it!

And caddis larvae were fish were definitely looking for caddis too.........!!
Today, River kept changing. I floated with Parks' Fly Shop ( owner/outfitter Richard and Head-guide Walter. Insect hatches were pretty much none. But streamers were taken very well!! This is one of examples!

Wally caught another one, much BIIIGGER!! (he might update Shop website).
Me? I DID actually caught a Mighty Sucker on its mouth!! (no photos will be released!!)
I'd like to mention BIG THANKS to Simms and other sponsors for holding another great ICE OUT GUIDE EVENT. Apparently I was busy fishing in between programs of three days.......

As mentioned at beginning, who knows what my next post will be about. But whether I'm not fishing or I'm busy breeding cows, I have many more topics that I have wanted to post but couldn't through this winter and spring (because I was busy fishing!!).
Stay Tuned!!

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