Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 9: Last Day of the Trip

June 30th, another fine day after the huge storm during the night before. I didn't expect much about water condition at Madison. With the best hope to avoid people, I headed to Pine Butte. I encountered only a group of two, probably a guide and a client. I fished up-stream and passed them eventually.

My first catch was a so-so brown on a Rubber Leg.

I foul-hooked two whitefish on Beadhead Crystal Serendipity. Believe me both of them were 3-pounder. I was glad they were gone!!!

As scooting along rocks, a nice healthy rainbow came out.

This was the last trout of this trip.

I dropped by Kelly Galloup's Slide Inn. I met Kelly and talked with him.

Then I headed to Madison just out of the Park boundary. This is primarily fished in the fall. But I kind of wanted to try streamers to see if there were some huge ones left. It ended up OMG........ I didn't see any anglers instead too many recreational people who were floating and swimming and their dogs barking and swimming........ They must have been staying in motels without pool.

It was a bit of bad end but I forgot in a moment. I observed what I will do and where I will fish in the fall.

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