Friday, July 2, 2010

June Trip: On My Way

I left my town of Prosser about 10:00pm of 20th. It was a cool night. A can of Monster drink and thermos of coffee kept me going. But, but, but, as always it has been, I really cursed about driving Spokane and Idaho Panhandle. It always rains here at night till I cross into Montana. Spokane is a long city with poor pavement and lots of cops. Idaho Panhandle is the succession of curves and cities with lots of semi-trucks that cause more windshield wiper works. Take a look how hard the rain was pounding my windshield. See the "Welcome to Montana" sign? Taken while I was driving, swearing, and relieving as I was crossing into Montana.

Then also as always, right after I got into Montana, weather turned better. To regain my time loss in Spokane and Idaho, I was driving (and taking pictures) like this.

Unlike my April trip, I was really in good shape all through. I didn't even take a nap. Coffee seemed really kicked in. As I was heading to West Yellowstone, I fished along Madison for a couple of hours (next post).


I dropped by Blue Ribbon Flies and got a Yellowstone National Park fishing permit for the season. Yes!! I will go back in the fall!! Then I dropped by my motel. There was a big screw-up. I must have said that I would check in 21st Monday but somehow they put me from 25th to July 1st......... I've been a regular and loyal customer so it was their mistake. I have never screwed up my motel reservation before either. They suggested me another reasonable place in town. It wasn't really great. But, like other contingency plan in life and fly-fishing, I survived and fished well actually.

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