Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June Trip: On the Road/Off the Fishing

Fishing asides, there were lots of events going on during the trip.
Every spring when I visit Yellowstone and Madison Rivers, I am amazed how these ducks and chicks swim on the still high & turbid water.
To me, the most annoying and dangerous thing is nothing but sightseers to the Park step on brakes in the middle of road just to see something or when they think they see something. Oftentimes, they slow down when even one car is parked along the road, wondering "what's going on??", "what's there??" This is not because I am fishing oriented.
Even a regular coyote was a traffic-stopper. As I was drying my wader on 27th, a car pulled in next to me and a father and a son got out with a camera. I asked them sarcastically on purpose. "What's there?". They go "we don't know!! But something going on!!".................
Another traffic stopper, Buff...... I happened to take a combo of a bird and a buff. What's this bird again? Canadian Geese? Something like that?
The Surprising happening was a series of storms with or without hail. One of evenings toward midnight as I was finishing my journal and diary and catching up with World Cup Soccer results, I heard something like a heavily customised motor-cycle was accelerating right in front of my door. When I opened my door, it was a hail storm!! Next morning, the motel manager told me that the alarm system on my truck was beeping every now and then because the hail was so intense!!! Yet, my friends in Bozeman told me that they had tennis-ball sized!!! Here's a link for what happened to unlucky people in Bozeman.

Of course food is important too. When I am tired, I quickly grab my favorite whole wheat bread and a can of sardine along with Gatorade and make quick sandwiches. I just want to feel like when predatory trout bite on small preys, you see......

Here's a reappearance of the buff steak that I had with John at Old Town Cafe. This is the best steak I ever tasted either buff or beef. Done very right in medium-rare, fat portions came off easily and meat was very tender. When we sat, the restaurant was almost empty but right after that all the seats were taken. I really discovered a nice place to eat at slightly off the main street. While enjoying fly-fishing conversation with John, I chewed on each piece with some anger and curse on buff and buff people who interfered my driving................... I'm sure I will be protected more from buff encounters next year. I asked a waitress when they would close in the fall. She said they would close in the middle of October as the number of tourists fade away. That's sad.....since I'm heading there in the last week of October and the first week of November.

I am not sure if I can stay sane if I don't go back to Yellowstone in summer. But I'll wait till the fall comes in. I can hike and fish around here in Eastern WA. Meanwhile I will prepare everything for the fall.........including where I can find buff meat!!!! Probably in Livingston or Bozeman............

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