Monday, July 19, 2010

New Flies - Good to Go!!

I think I go camping/hiking/fishing into mountains tomorrow. If I find myself getting soft, missing a cozy motel room, I might be back home by night and be updating a post or two...... So quickly, I'd like to post new flies tied with new materials that will be used tomorrow.

First, Tiger Beetle here is not new. But I'd like show this lovely striped foam.

I was using the tiger strip with regular width for smaller sizes and foam ant patterns but they hadn't come up with really nice looking. So in June, I finally purchased a bag of "Mini Tiger Strip" at Blue Ribbon Flies.

This is it. Width and thickness are perfect. Mini Tiger Beetle #19.

Pretty much with the same materials used for Mini Tiger Beetle above, this foam also makes a perfect skinny silhouette for ant patterns. Regular Tiger foam had been a bit too hard for all the wrapping and pressing. Shown here is a Flying Tiger Ant.

Right now I'm working on my summer box. So I'll tie several flies from now and then start packing. I'll find more tomorrow. Westslope Cutty will let me know.

But first of all, I hope I can make a camp without crying...........

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