Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tying a Variegated Sparrow

This is another my own fly-tying idea and pattern, based on my experience at Madison River.
Sparrow by Jack Gartiside is very famous and doesn't need much explanation (simply click the link). Because this is a large soft-hackle, I just thought about what if I use variegated chenille. And I was positive that would be a cross-dresser = chuck & duck up-stream as a nymph, swing & strip as a bugger, etc list of opportunity goes on.

It did work during the last trip. Please re-check one of my posts, "Sparrow on Fire!!".
Because of "on fire!!", I had to notice a problem and improvements later on.
My problem was that chenille on curved hook was not durable. It rolled as I tried to remove the fly from trout. And that caused front end corruption. I can't emphasize how big the pain is when whitefish take this fly of mine aggressively. (I'm still surprised that whitefish took this large soft-hackle on swing with solid hook-ups.)

I had to improve. Solution was simple. Apply a bit of Zap-A-Gap on body length of the hook!!

Here's a different coloration that I haven't posted before. Now the chenille body is rock-solid.

I hope some of you out there like my idea, especially if you are fellow soft-hackle addicts.

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