Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Materials

I just came up with a fairly new wave of fly-tying material recently.

It's called "Fish Skull". This link says everything about how exciting this material is so I don't go over. But let me say two features with my words.
First, this head will be slotted from the hook eye, not from the hook-point as any other cones, after completing rest of flies.
Second, the built-in keel so streamers go up-side down under the water for less snagging yet still go deep enough.

Following their suggested patterns, I tied a few myself. It's called "River Rabbit".
In black,

and in tan.

Actually I can think of lots of streamer patterns that can be modified and improved by this material, while keeping their original silhouette and effects yet with some different touch and taste.

So far I haven't experimented a lot because this cost me $6 for 8 cones!!

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