Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fly-Fishing Magazine

Today, as I was looking around in a hastings in my area, I was reading several fly-fishing magazines along with CDs, DVDs, and books (mostly used ones!!). Never meant to buy them but to see if there were anything interesting to kill my time. I have read and subscribed a couple of magazines before and so far Northwest Fly fishing works the best for me.

But today, I bought one, called Fly Tyer. I have known this magazine specializing only fly-tying, but most of flies seems too fancy & only for human eyes = takes too long to tie.

But in this issue, I saw a mesmerising article that would help me tie better flies. So I bought it after a 30-minute of inspection as trout give on our flies for a few seconds.

You know I tie my own flies, select best materials maniacally, and even try to develop my own patterns. I've been catching nice trout and that's why I'd like to show my own tying here at my blog along with confidence. I have a few of my originals as of now.

Then according to this issue of Fly Tyer, they have developed an online communication/trade site, called I'd really like to try that.

Someone might order some of my flies and I might make a few bucks while I'm taking a nap??

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