Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Day & Last Fish - On the Road

Today, another day on the road of this unknown trip. My secret mission was accomplished yesterday and early morning today. All I had to do was, with great imagination, to fish!!
I can't explain all for now typing from my motel room but on this not-fish-oriented trip, I was persistent, patient, and positive to end the day.
I don't go details since this post is meant for the trip not as a fishing report. Long story short, at the very end of the day and my effort, I finally felt a big hook!!!!

What fly is that? I will go more details once I get home.

It was a beautiful and powerful 19-inch rainbow (hen I guess).

One of the best rainbow in XXXXXXX River. Grip & grin as the Sun set in the back.

I made it through this uncertain trip. Some fishing and many other things. All accomplished which sounds pretty rare. Usually it's one way or another and one done and another failed.

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