Friday, October 15, 2010


I have become a great fan of Kelly Galloup; his theory, rigging, tactics, and fly patterns for streamer fishing. I have tied his patterns myself with my best. Some of those pictures have been posted every now and then along with big trout.

My recent favorite and attempts to tie was this T&A Rainbow. This is an amazing swimmer in the water. Shown is the one I bought from Kelly at his shop in this June.

This pattern seemed almost all impossible to tie myself but I found this website for instruction and gathered all the materials needed. Remember my old post? I went to an art/craft store because some materials are not found in fly-shops.

This is my tie of T&A. Not so bad, is it??

Once I learned how to tie, it became a real fan!! Though Kelly meant this fly specifically as a baby rainbow in one color, I couldn't help experimenting in other major colors for streamer. I tied in white with a touch of pink. My imagination and idea were it should look like any bait-fish available to be eaten by big trout.

Then it worked last weekend as I hoped it would be.

Another imagination and variation was all in black with a touch of brown/orange.

I knew it would work as posted 3 days ago!!!

Again grip-&-grin!! I can't express how happy I was because this was the only one bite of the day and I didn't lose it.

Another reason I felt so special is, truth be told, I was fishing Lower Madison.

Something going on in my life.........

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