Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello Goodbye

Hello - Montana,
Goodbye - Washington.
After almost four years of life here in eastern WA, I decided to go back to Montana.
  1. It just seemed to be the time. Something made me feel so.
  2. My job = cattle breeding & passion = fly-fishing. Dairy industry has been hit by bad economy in general and low milk price. Things should get better, because it's all about the cycle, but who knows when. And then I am not sure how much I will push myself into steelhead fishing around here in Pacific Northwest.
  3. One thing for sure, I have accumulated lots of experience for both breeding and fly-fishing over last several years.
After all, I had always wanted to go back to Montana one more time if there would be a second chance. I want to breed beef cows in ranches under Big Sky. I also get to the point that I want to tie and sell my own flies at shops in the area. Eventually I want to be a guide, at least going to a guide school should not hurt my fishing experience. Especially as for fly-fishing, it's limited at here either for business or just fun.
This does not mean that I didn't have any fun in eastern WA or it had been boring around here (fishing around here was boring every now and then, I admit). In fact, even if all of my wish would be accomplished in Montana, I would still make less money than the job I had here in Yakima Valley. But then again, it's the timing. I have to move on. This ended up the last trout caught here in eastern WA.
I already have a place to live in Livingston. I don't have to explain what Livingston offers. A bit nervous and even risky to be self-employed and try to develop my own business. But I want to try it. And there are always kind people who can support me. Of course, I don't see any problems for fishing around!! This will probably be the last trout caught as an out-of-state angler in Montana. I was fishing Lower Madison while looking for a place to move in in Livingston the other day. Now you see what was all about my secret trip and on-the-road posts.
This coming weekend, I say goodbye to Yakima Valley and move into Livingston.
Things in eastern WA that I will surely miss:

  • Good Mexican restaurants
  • Seafood such as sushi
  • Native Westslope cutthroat
  • Unseen steelhead
But I already know there are too many attractions in Livingston that compensate those losses. I feel nervous and insecure every 10 minute or so but I am ready to hit the road. I have to send back the internet modem soon so this will the last post from Yakima Valley.

See you at ranches and/or rivers under Big Sky!!

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