Friday, September 16, 2011

Hatch x 2 = How Many Trout?

Today I got out fishing to Slough Creek again in Yellowstone Park with my outfitter's friend (Dean was tired & sored.....). From our experience from the day before yesterday and weather forecast, we left Livingston 10am. Weather was the most exciting for the fall season!! Cloudy, rainy, but no wind!! Perfect weather for both baetis and Green Drake hatches (supposed to be......). By the time we dressed up and got our gears ready, we actually didn't see rises or hatches......slightly disappointed. I tied on Green Drake patterns anyway and fished one spot. I caught one and rose a few more. As an angler who was fishing where I wanted to left, I stepped in and that was when it happened!! Just about 2pm, giant Green Drakes were on the water and trout were munching on them!!

My first catch in that pool was this solid rainbow!! Look at its wide tail and other fins!!

Really wide along shoulder as well!!

The Classic Sparkle Dun was all they wanted. I had another solid hook-up and tug-of-war.

Nice rainbow again!!

It was raining all through during Drake hatch but bearable. I caught a few more, didn't get into good hooking, and foul-hooked one, which got away two of my Sparkle Duns (YES, trailing two same flies!!).

Drake hatch lasted till 5pm and apparently slowed down. We took a quick break to warm up a bit. We expected baetis (blue wing olive) hatches now as we had at Lamar. Yes they were on the water!! They were not quite in olive-dun color and large, size 18-20, for now. Not as many as Drakes either so rises seemed less.

One of my go-to patterns was Improved Sparkle Dun.

Rises were less to none but I knew trout were looking up!! This must be a Cut-bow. I was afraid it would open the gap of hook and got away. It fought that hard.

A cute little one was the call for the day.
How could I set hooks with tiny flies in the dark? I can write a thesis about how-to by the end of the season.

This is another best hatch I ever experienced. The other is Flying Ant Swarm, which I also experienced at Lower Slough!! Lower Slough is the best & toughest spring creek in the area. As you already see lots of times, all trout are truly wild and resemble healthy condition of those in Livingston's spring creeks.

To add more expectation, fall has just begun!! We have one and a half month left.

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