Thursday, September 15, 2011

Upper 'Stone

Today we floated from McConnell to Joe Brown. Day turned out to be nice. Who said yesterday was the last day of summer? We didn't have any winds or even breeze either. As a result, we caught too many fish (trout & whitefish) on dry-flies but nothing super huge for pictures. Actually there were some huge shadows coming up but their hook-sets.......well, I respect elder people and anyone in my boat is the best client!! In this short streatch of the upper 'Stone, there were lots of guides' boats too. Quite surprising in this less popular section on a weekday.
What a gorgeous day to float the river!! with The "Devil's Slide" is in the background. My friend calls it "Bacon Strip Slide"!! Make sence!!
La Duke hot spring comes in. It maybe too hot for fish to hang around during summer but maybe good during winter. At least I know lots of wildlife hang around here along the road.

No huge trout but we were lucky to see a bald eagle by the bank. While at the oars, I quickly made the best shot I can and I have just edited and cropped. This is the best up-close-&-personal shot.

We had fun on such a gorgeous day. I went through rapids after rapids of this stretch without any fear (with some training from my outfitter).

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nasty weather so we hit the Park again!!

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