Monday, September 19, 2011

Lower & Slower

Today we hit Yellowstone again. We floated from "Otter" in Big Timber to "Pelican" in Greycliff. Hmmm.......both critters are known to suck fish........Are there lots of fish left in this stretch?
Fish count may have been the average day but they were all small. This was the largest.

It just seemed we were in the middle of transition. Not really hopper-fishing any more but we haven't seen strong fall insect hatches either. Anyway, here's today's hit fly, Purple Haze (my tie). It is indeed sparkly tied with Super Floss. But I believe it would represent any kind of mayflies on the surface from trout's views. This has become one of my favorite attractors recently.

Wind pushed us down and we came back earlier than we thought. Over all floating was fun. I'm developing more boat skills as well. Sounds like we hit the Park again tomorrow.......

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