Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Healing Water

I was kinda gloomy or even depressed for the last couple of days. I know why. Weather and season have been somewhere in the middle. With just my selfish wish, it should be cold because my firewood are ready and the fall started officially in the calendar!! I'd rather complain cold weather than this yo-yo-yo weather. Although it's none of my business, with this fine weather, I can easily day-dream a dozen car are parked and 20 angler are making a row to fish Barns' Pool #1 and #2 respectively!! I also want to see tremendous hatch of fall baetis and drakes so I can compete with naturals, rather than just expecting hatches and casting the supposed-to-work flies. Then as the guide season is ending and fly tying order is slow, I felt low. But last night I realized "fishing and fly-tying are my jobs!! I have to get out!!" I tried to be positive and thought about where I should go. I tried to take this warm weather as friendly and decided to do what I couldn't do in the middle of summer before snow falls. This summer, I didn't have any time to fish small mountain streams with my light 4wt rod along with some hiking. I decided to visit West Boulder River. The unpaved road from Livingston was very uncomfortable to drive. Middle and lower sections of West Boulder are surrounded by "SIGNS". I finally made to the trail head at the beginning of Forest Service Boundary.

I didn't have time to hike into the meadow. But this first section was really pretty enough for me.

I knew attractor dry-flies would do the job in this kind of mountain streams. I just went small with Micro Wulff Cripple.

My first catch was this nice little brown!! Well-colored and spotted. My depression had gone away!!

Right after this, I hooked into an estimated 12-incher!! I was like "OHH?AWWE!!" It really ran and pulled my line out. I was with 5X tippet. I've been landing lots of up to 18-inch trout at Slough and Lamar with 5X and 5wt rod but with the lighter gear today, I felt it like a 20-incher on 6wt rod!!

With some sweat and wet-wading in cool stream, I really felt better. My next choice of fly was my recent favorite Purple Haze.

I was casting upstream at a small eddy next to the heavy run. I lost my sight in a moment but I suddenly felt a big tug!! Snagged underwater? NO!! Nice fish!! I got back the lost 12-incher!!

Just about 1/4 mile up, it became difficult to walk along cliffs and boulders so I head back. It was still a decent run and I had another objective. As I fished down, I caught another 12-incher and this time it was a fine Cutbow!!

I wanted to see Main Boulder as well before I lose lights. Same scenario for the Main. Lower and middle sections are within private lands (mostly hay farms and ranches) with a few public accesses. Everyone has been asking me "have you seen Natural Bridge and Falls?".
I brought my rod as well but it wasn't necessary. Without fishing I was amazed by this natural beauty and wilderness. I crossed the bridge and took a trail down to the water.

Now the river is running UNDERNEATH me!!

I took the next very steep trail to see below. River came out like this through the tunnel. I was on the top of cliff for two pictures above.

I took a picture of WHY & HOW as well so I don't have to explain!! Sounds like we can see a big fall during run-offs. I may swing by next year on my way back from breeding cows in eastern MT, WYO, and SD.

I really felt better today. I can't remember whether it's minus ion or oxygen or whatever. Anyway cool waters and forest air really soothed my gloominess. I don't have to be patient but just simply relaxed till the fall settles in. Meanwhile I try to fill up my own fly-boxes and order materials for the winter fly sales project. Then I fish very hard under nasty weathers.

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