Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Mountain Stream & Big Surprise!!

Today, it reached upper 80s in the afternoon. I went out again to do what I couldn't do this summer and today would be the last wet-wading day of the year. I wanted to see one of local mountain creeks around Livingston. You already know I'm always open for spots, flies, tactics, and not to mention names of waters but today somehow I want to keep all myself. I'm not being protective as it's well-known and public, no secret at all. So if I receive emails or calls, I answer how to get there but still I don't exactly inform you what to do because I want you to challenge in this stream!!
I was again soothed by cool and crisp forest air. Water was cold but still on the comfortable side. A stereotypical pocket water run!!
Section I fished was lined by trees = no sunshine. Bugs were in the air (seen as you go down) but no apparent risers. I had to figure out what might work or not. Hopper still worked and I was amazed by the thickness of this little rainbow.

Just listening to the fall running was nice enough but I had to see what would be in this deep pool.

Suddenly I felt a big tug and it ran hard!! I was standing just below the fall. So as it ran down-stream, I had to follow it by climbing up and down rocks. For technical reason, I was with a super long leader. I should have brought my net!! I was afraid to lose it. It was very hard to get it in. Quite a surprise!! It was again a fat rainbow but this time up to 15-inch!!

I lost my breath!!

Right after this, I got hooked into another submarine!! It was longer than above, 16-inch, but wasn't as thick so it came out easily but lost him while getting my camera ready........

This is the bug I was seeing. Must be a knocked down October Caddis.

Fluttering adult.

Now it must really be October and fall then.

This small mountain stream is technical than it looks. Who wants to nymph-fish in this size of creek and who actually can? I was quite content with the very last outing for summer filled with surprising trout!!

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