Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More NE Corner

I joined my outfitter's recollection with his royal client. Livingston and surrounding area experienced the first sign of the fall today. It was cool, cloudy, and not windy. We were very excited by thinking of strong hatches of baetis and drakes. Once we got to Slough Creek, it became slightly sunny and even somewhat hot. I really think now is the transition of seasons. We still fish with terrestrials. What is this miniature armor tank!!?? It's the Mormon Cricket!!

We started fishing 11:30 or so. Old gents started fishing but I walked around this upper section of Lower Meadow as hatch wouldn't start till afternoon with this sunny weather. While we were biting on our lunch, we finally saw constant risers. We spotted one giant Green Drake on the surface, as it washed away, a huge submarine rose and sipped it!! WOW!! But, as any other pools of this Lower Meadow, that pool is tough......... We cast Green Drake, baetis, and epeorus but not much success. I moved down-stream and fished a deep riffle. I saw a huge head came out and set the hook!! I knew it was big!! In a moment I was in a "HANDLE-WITH-CARE mode"to handle it. It really bent my rod and didn't come out so easy. Glad I brought my net!! It came on Green Drake Sparkle Dun.

A perfect cutbank was there for self-timered "grip-&-grin"!! I will never get bored of this Lower Meadow. These big trout keep me on my toes!!

Indeed we all caught nice trout.

We moved to Lamar. It was still bright. We knew baetis were in the air but didn't really see constant feeding. There were some rises but I put small terrestrials meanwhile. I got another "Beetle Mania"!!

After 5pm, we saw more baetis in the air and more trout came up to our flies and eventually they started feeding. I set the hook perfectly on a delicate rise on my fly to end the day......

It was on ICU Baetis. White post version worked well as it was a bright day.

Trout in Northeast Corner of the Park make huge rises on fall Drakes as they do on summer hoppers. But when I saw delicate & classic rises on baetis this evening, I really felt the fall is coming in. What a short summer..... But I welcome the fall with great pleasure!!


  1. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for the comment. You have lots of great pictures too. I'm curious how fly-fishing goes in your area.