Friday, December 2, 2011

Same Ol' Same Ol'

 It's just another day so I don't repeat where & how I fished and what flies I used. But today's trout deserve to be posted.
Just an average brown, but I noticed a little marking on its mouth. Cute, I thought.  If I ever catch him again, I hope I can identify him and he grows large!!

 And this was one of the most memorable catching experience in my life!!
 This huge brown leaped more than several times, pretty much doing what's called tail-walk, and the swam toward me as if trying to go through between my legs!!

 One of the best of the year for sure!!

 This one was one-size smaller than above, but instead he had a super vivid golden body!!

Here are two closer shots but it seems my body was casting shadow.........


Well, it seems I have to slow down from now on. Someone joked "do the job during winter that actually pays the bill".............. Winter around here can be tough & rough in many ways. Probably all of us would wish if we could hibernate like bears.....

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